A cracking idea for Aussies living in the digital dark ages

7 March 2022 - 2 min read

More than seven in 10 Australians live in the digital dark ages, admitting they do not have electronic backups of all their important documents, according to recent research.

YouGov research also revealed that 72 per cent of us would prefer to do household chores over putting our digital lives in order, and 14 per cent of us have nothing at all stored online.

Baby Boomers (86 per cent) are more likely than all younger generations to not have cloud backups (Gen Z 69 per cent, Millennials 61 per cent and Gen X 69 per cent).

A Cracking Idea

When scientist Kate Morgan and her husband, former NRL player Kirk Reynoldson, were fined $800 because they failed to pay their car registration which was sent in the mail, they decided to create a digital solution.

They have launched Eggy, which allows users to capture paper documents such as receipts, import PDFs and screenshots like recipes, forward email attachments like bills, add doctor’s appointments, children’s swimming lessons and weddings to their calendar, share to-do lists with others in the household, get reminders to pay the car rego, and more.

“We knew we were onto something when in our initial user interviews people would break down in tears talking about how the mental load of managing life admin was breaking them,” Reynoldson says.

“We’re solving everyday problems for ordinary people and user-friendliness has always been a huge priority.”

You can read the full article on the Heald Sun website.

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