But I want a paper copy! Why the printable calendar is still in high demand.

29 May 2023 - 3 min read

The whole world has gone digital but the people have spoken - there is still huge demand for the old printable calendar.

It might seem odd that we - the developers of a digital life admin tool - are encouraging people to go back to paper.

But that's what the Eggy community have told us they want.

And after all, we're about making life unscrambled.

Regardless of how.

We recently did a poll of our 800+ strong Eggy Legends Facebook group.

We asked the question "If you could get your hands on some simple, useful printable resources to stick on the fridge or whiteboard, what would help you get your life unscrambled?"

And yep, it's true.

The number one request was for a printable calendar.

Followed closely by a printable to-do list and printable meal planner.

Here were the actual results for what our Eggy Legends said they want.

  • Printable monthly calendar - 39%

  • Printable weekly meal planner - 19%

  • Printable weekly to-do list - 19%

  • Printable kids chore chart - 13%

  • Printable budget tracker - 9%

But here's the kicker.

There was some big love for a personalised printable calendar.

And for users of the Eggy app that means being able to print a copy of their Eggy calendar.

So they can stick that on the fridge.

And while that feature is very much on the cards for the Eggy app in the future.

Right now though, we're bringing the printables that our users have asked for.

There's definitely some advantages of having all your life admin in an app.

As opposed to having our life admin live on an appliance at home.

1. We take our phones everywhere with us, which is a little challenging to do with a fridge

2. Automated reminder notifications ping us to tell us something we need to know or do

3. Not every piece of life admin comes in paper form these days (hello screenshots)

4. It's a lot easier to share things with other people (who also live on their phones)

BUT, there is of course some pros to having something like a calendar stuck on the fridge.

1. It's a central hub in the home which means there's a high chance of everyone seeing what's on.

2. Being able to see a month at a glance can help you prepare for upcoming events.

3. It's not limited by age restrictions for younger kids which some apps have.

Ultimately, having a user-friendly calendar that everyone contributes to and that is accessible to everyone is the real winner.

As long as the load is being shared and your life is feeling less scrambled, that's the main thing.

Until we bring the ability to download and print your Eggy calendar, here's the Eggy printables.

We hope they bring some value to your household.


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