Eggy - A Planning App For Every Event (from birthdays to wedding planning)

22 November 2022 - 3 min read

Preparing to throw a birthday bash, or trying to get on top of the myriad of tasks needed to bring together your dream wedding? You need the perfect planning app - Eggy.

When you're juggling a thousand things at once in day-to-day life, planning for a big event is stressful. Remembering every little detail is nigh-on impossible. Actually, it is impossible - the human brain is said to typically only remember 5 to 9 tasks at once in the short term.

So, where do you put the rest of them? Planning for an event can sometimes feel like preparing to climb a mountain, but the ideal planning app can turn a potentially stressful situation into a walk in the park. After all, parties should be fun right?

We created Eggy as frustrated parents who were drowning in a sea of life admin. Remembering everything we were supposed to do, as well as all of the appointments, key dates and other commitments we had, was just unrealistic. We needed a solution that would simplify everything and remember tasks so that we didn't have to.ย 

Eggy has solved everything. Let's take a look at some of the key features of Eggy in the context of preparing for a big event.

Eggy: The Ideal Planning App

Whether it's for your big day or for the kids' birthdays, Eggy can make your planning simple and hassle-free by tracking to-dos and key dates. Here are some examples of the features you can use when preparing for your event:

  1. Save the date: Whether it's paying an important invoice, sending out invitations, or the big day itself, you can add all of your important tasks to Eggy to keep track of them and tick each one off as you go.

  2. Venue hire: Need to track those invoices and keep them in a safe place? With Eggy, you can store important files, images and PDFs directly in your personal vault in the app, ensuring you have access to your venue details without having to paw through your thousand emails or hold onto physical invoices.

  3. Invitations and RSVPs: Need to work out your guest list, but can't remember who's still unaccounted for? Set key dates and reminders directly in the app. Eggy will send you notifications so that you can follow up on the guests who haven't responded.ย 

  4. Entertainment: If you want to please all your guests, you can collate a full list of song requests directly into the application. Eggy allows you to share key files and information with your contacts directly, so you can easily forward everything to your entertainment provider.

  5. Catering: If you're handling your own catering for a party, Eggy can help you out with grocery lists. If everybody's chipping in, you can also store receipts so that everybody knows what they owe.

  6. After party: Planning the after party is an event in itself. With Eggy, you can quickly and easily sort your key tasks into their own categories, creating your very own digital events plan, accessible at a tap.

These are just a few of the benefits and applications of Eggy. There are more to explore, including synchronised Google or Outlook calendars, and sharing tasks with your partner. Download the app today to see how you can take the stress out of your next big event!

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