Eggy ADHD users tips for getting (and staying) organised

18 September 2022 - 3 min read

We speak to our users A LOT and something that comes up fairly often is how many people with ADHD are using Eggy to keep themselves organised and remember all the life admin essentials.

So, we thought we would share some of the experiences and tips from our ADHD Eggy users that help them ease the stress of keeping track of well….everything!

Tip 1 - Work With Your Brain Not Against It

Users talk about working with their ADHD brain and not against it.Often this means recognising the brain’s specific challenges - it might be an inability to focus for extended periods or becoming hyper focused and missing other pressing tasks or both! 

Time boxing, or using methods such as the Pomodoro Technique can often be helpful for people with ADHD. The pomodoro technique asks you to set a task and work on it for a timed 25 minutes. During that time you work solely on that task. When 25 minutes have passed, you take a 5 minute break, then start again. After 4 cycles (pomodoro’s) you take a longer break of 20 - 30 minutes. This technique can often be helpful for both focus and recall of information.

Tip 2 - Set and Don’t Forget

Setting reminders for tasks that are regular but not on the everyday list, such as worming the family pet or having the car serviced can also be helpful to the ADHD brain. Life admin apps like Eggy, that enable you to set recurring tasks with reminders that are sent straight to your phone, really can help take the stress out of remembering all those essential but semi-irregular tasks.

Getting a new pet was an example one of our users had. He was very excited to get a new pet, but also anxious that he would forget all the things he would need to be a good pet parent; so he used his Eggy app to set a heap of recurring reminders for pet care - a monthly worming reminder, yearly vaccination reminder, even a daily feeding reminder which really helped ease his anxiety and helped him enjoy his new family member.

Tip 3 - The To-Do List

Setting a regular to-do list can often be helpful for people with ADHD, especially when there is something that must be prioritised for that particular day, week etc. Taking the bins out, buying a birthday present or having a blood test are just a few items that can be easily missed without a to-do list.

A daily ‘to do’ list is often just as helpful for people with ADHD who need some help getting through everyday living tasks like stacking the dishwasher, wiping down the kitchen bench and unpacking the lunchbox.

In Eggy you can set a reminder for your to-do list, set it to recur as often as you need until the task is complete and even share it with your family/housemates.

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