How a personal organiser can help your family

7 February 2023 - 3 min read

Organisation is a topic we’re all familiar with, and it's a topic that is so relevant for parents - we all need to be personal organisers to face the demands of modern day parenting!

"Clean your room!"

"Where are my keys?"

"The bake sale is THIS Thursday?"

The pandemic in particular highlighted the issue of personal organisation, with many of us spending more time at home than ever before. We've had to face the reality that our quality of life is the product of the way we live it, and organisation - or a lack thereof - can be one of the biggest factors at play.

What is there to organise?

Short answer - everything. There isn't a single part of family life that can't benefit from added clarity and planning. From meals to finances, cleaning schedules to playtime, there are so many areas where organisation can make a big difference.

Essentially, life admin in general can be made easier with a few simple steps. These can include things like creating a daily or weekly schedule, setting deadlines and goals for yourself, keeping track of events in a calendar, or even just implementing small habits like writing to-do lists or decluttering regularly.

The benefits are plentiful - from improved productivity, to greater peace of mind, increased focus, to less stress. Organisation can help us create a better day-to-day experience, and even have a ripple effect on the larger aspects of our lives.

The tools that can help us get there

Organisation is no easy feat. If it was, we'd all have our lives in order. It can be a challenge to take those first steps to be a life organiser, but thankfully there are tools out there that can make the process easier.Β 

Mobile app technology has become a popular tool to help with organisation. There are many apps out there that offer features like reminders and task tracking, calendar synchronisation and event planning, budgeting tools and project management. These apps can be used to create tailored systems that are perfectly suited to a user's - or family's - needs, helping them to plan and stay on track in an effective way.

Take Eggy, for example. It's an app that helps parents create and maintain detailed family schedules, with customisable views and built-in reminders. This allows them to keep on top of important commitments, coordinate plans with other family members, and ensure everyone is accounted for.

Organisation doesn't have to be an intimidating concept. With the right tools like Eggy app organiser and a bit of effort, life can become much more manageable - and enjoyable!

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