How apps can improve family communication

1 August 2023 - 4 min read

We live in what can very easily be described as the most connected time in human history with so many apps for communication at our disposal. 

Phones, computers, laptops, tablets and even watches make interacting with the world simple. 

But despite all of these technological advances, it also feels as though we're further apart than ever before. 

Many modern families struggle to communicate with one another and it’s reached the point where even our closest physical connections can feel distant and unfamiliar.

Using technology to our advantage

There's no getting around the fact that we live in a digital age. 

Devices are commonplace and we rely on them for just about everything. 

So what can we do to mitigate their potentially isolating effects and instead, use them to our advantage?

Although used more commonly for purposes like internet browsing, social media and content consumption, apps are an increasingly popular tool when it comes to household communication. 

Families are finding them to be a great way to stay connected and organised, from planning a weekend get-together to mapping out the monthly budget.

A digital platform makes apps both more appealing and accessible to younger members of the family too. 

Most areas of children’s lives today involve some form of technological engagement, whether that be through education, gaming, social media, communication methods, etc.  

This is now the new ‘normal’ for society.  

By centralising their household’s communications and responsibilities into a format children are familiar with, parents are more likely to get their kids onboard and involved in family life.  

How an app can change your life for the better

By using an app to manage family communication, you can eliminate the burden of having to keep track of everyone's schedule, tasks and progress. 

With Eggy, this can be achieved by dumping all the life admin items floating around in your head, stuck to the fridge, on the kitchen bench, pinned to the corkboard, inside the filing cabinet, on top of the filing cabinet, in your emails, on your calendars, in your diary, on scraps of paper…into the app.  

This means you are clearing your mind of all the mental clutter and, due to the reminders/notifications, will never have to worry about missing a deadline, forgetting an appointment, or having to pay overdue fees ever again.  

Also, Eggy enables you to be able to share that mental load, whether with a parent, a partner, older children, friends, work colleagues, or anyone else you choose to invite into your life admin space.  

A new feature introduced by Eggy recently is the ability to ‘comment’ on a shared life admin item.  The comments section is in a similar format to that of social media and encourages users to openly communicate with each other about the item, whether that be an event, a document, a bill, an appointment, a list or whatever the item might be.  

This feature is also commonly referred to as the ‘video ref’ due to the user’s ability to scroll back through the comments in search of hard evidence around who had committed to paying that bill and when, what time you were supposed to meet for dinner and whose turn it was to take out the bins.  

This is a great way of improving the quantity and quality of communication between family members, given that our lives are so very busy nowadays and we are rarely in the same location at the same time.  

With comments, users can voice their opinions or provide a response to a question at their earliest convenience and in real time.    

By leveraging the power of technology and utilising relevant apps, families can stay connected no matter the physical distance or their personal schedules.  

Tools, like Eggy, can assist in navigating today’s busyness by reducing the mental load for individuals and facilitating communication between family members.   

If you’re ready to try a new organisation app that shares the workload and promotes communication between household members, give Eggy a go.  It’s free to download and simple to use.  If the whole process feels overwhelming, click here for more information on how the team at Eggy can help you out.  

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