How to use an app as a life organiser

1 January 2023 - 4 min read

There are many benefits of getting on board with digital technology and using an online life organiser is a great way to reduce stress, get better rest and improve the amount and quality of time you can spend doing what you love with the people you love.

Studies have shown that disorganisation can have a negative effect on how calm and pleasant you are, and we all know how important those traits are when you're juggling family life. Calm parenting is said to reduce your child's alarm reaction, letting them feel safe and secure, and allowing them to build a trusting relationship with you.

There are other benefits to improving your day-to-day organisation too:

  1. Being organised reduces stress. Both physical and mental clutter can contribute directly to your stress levels. With a busy family schedule, consider minimising stress wherever possible. Ask yourself - is a second swimming lesson really necessary? Does it matter if the kids have tuckshop again this week?

  2. You'll get better rest. As busy parents, you've already paid a price in terms of your quality of sleep. The last thing you need is another factor potentially impacting on the quality of your rest. Disorganisation can keep us awake as the brain dwells on tasks you might've forgotten. With a life organiser app, you can reduce that mental drain associated with tracking multiple different tasks and deadlines in your mind by delegating them to the app.

  3. Your diet could improve. Cooking and healthy eating in general is one of the first casualties of a hectic life. If you've no time to stop and prepare healthy meals, it's easy to turn to convenience or junk foods. By freeing up time elsewhere in your schedule, you'll have more time to plan ahead and create healthy meals.

  4. Overall, your relationships can benefit. Since clutter and disorganisation can elevate stress, your relationship could be strained too. When parents are stressed, it can be a recipe for disaster. Staying organised will help you all keep a united front.

So, you can see the benefits of getting organised and reducing your own stress levels, making it easier to remain calm and collected. If you're trying to do that with a mass of paperwork, you're fighting against a rising tide. Digitisation is everywhere now, and getting on board comes with huge benefits.

Here are some tips for organising life beautifully using nothing but a smartphone app. Hopefully, you'll see how quickly a life organiser app can make a huge difference to the time you have spare in the day and your stress levels.

How to use an app as a life organiser

It almost sounds unrealistic, doesn't it? There's so much manic activity packed into every day as a parent, that the idea it could all be crammed into an app seems unfeasible. But it can be done.

By setting aside an hour to start converting your essential tasks into digital, achievable milestones, you'll soon be freeing up time and mental energy for other tasks. So, here's how you can start organising life beautifully with an app:

  1. Choose an app that lets you consolidate all your life admin, like Eggy. Ideally, you want something that can synchronise with your calendars and store files.

  2. Add your essential tasks and dates into the app. That's everything from short-term tasks, like picking up milk and what time you're taking the kids to their appointments, to long-term reminders, like car registration and insurance.

  3. Synchronise household tasks with your partner so you're always on the same page. Getting worn down from having the same discussions about what time the kids need picking up? With Eggy, you'll always be on the same page - literally. Everything's accessible through shared categories, even across different devices.

  4. Set key dates and reminders that ensure you never miss another important deadline or get stung with fees and fines. Eggy can help with the soaring cost of living by pinging you whenever something's coming up that needs your attention.

  5. Store your all-important digital documents in the app. Whether it's medical letters, financial statements, or anything else, you need a secure place where they can be found easily. A lot of people keep them in their email inboxes, but as parents, it won't take long until they're buried and impossible to find under the weight of thousands of other emails.

  6. Store everything else you might need to be organised. While you can store existing files in Eggy, you can also screenshot anything else crucial that you need to remember and upload the file to the app. That's everything from an important email, to text evidence from your kids promising to clean their room.

With Eggy, you can ditch your fast-growing diary and do away with bundles and bundles of paper. Everything's condensed down into a handy smartphone app that you won't be able to misplace.

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