Mum of teenage boys spills “The best family organiser app is here.”

11 March 2023 - 5 min read

You can stop looking everyone - the best family organiser app is here.

It’s called Eggy. And I should know.

Because I was one of the very first users of the Eggy app. An early adopter, I am. Apparently.

It was pretty basic when I first started using it but it’s just gotten better and better over time.

(I once used a List in Eggy to keep a grid of the things I’d planted in my veggie garden but I save the full version of that rip snorter of a convo for special occasions. #funatparties)

Now the Eggy app pretty much runs our household.

Which is nice because I have better things to do than remind everyone what they have on for the day or that I’m going grocery shopping.

A bit about me. Actually, us.

I live in Mackay, Queensland in a sports-mad household with my husband, and two sons (though one recently spread his wings and flew the coop but we’re still really close).

Our youngest boy Jake is in his final year of high school, has assessments every week, footy training every second day and plays sport all weekend.

Our eldest son, Paul, recently moved to Newcastle so he’s dealing with a whole new world – having to pay bills, organise insurance, store lease agreements, get groceries, and clean the toilet. (Haha. A mum can dream.)

Plus I work part-time in HR and my husband Dave works an alternating roster at a shipping terminal.

Oh and we have a dog, Billie, who smells the nicest and probably speaks to me the most out of everyone.

So, yeah, I guess you could say there’s a bit going on in our life.

Given that I’m an Eggy Pro, as in I’ve been using it for a while now and I’m a Pro member, the guys at Eggy asked me to share some of my tips for how we use the Eggy app to keep all our balls in the air.

Going Pro was the go

When the Pro version of Eggy came out last year, I jumped on straight away.

I was like, “Give me more, I need all the help.”

And for about 40 bucks for a yearly subscription, I could totally justify it.

(I’d pay that much for a bottle of red anyway. And Eggy doesn’t give me a hangover.)

Especially if it meant actually remembering to pay all my bills and parking fines on time (sorry Dave) and not having to collect the grocery order from each person in the house individually.

(The boys used to all text me their grocery orders which I had to then put on a list. Not anymore thanks to Eggy.)

It was worth the small investment in my sanity.

Our spaces setup

Now that we can create spaces in Eggy, it’s the ultimate family organiser for us.

We have a space for each person in our family.

So a space for me, Dave, Paul, Jake and Billie.

Yep, even the dog has life admin.

All four of us are in each person’s space so we all have access to each other’s stuff and we all know what the others have on. No secrets here.

But the coolest part, is that each space/person can have a colour and an emoji or photo assigned to them.

This way, when things come up in the calendar, it’s colour-coded for the person who it belongs to.

We also have a space in Eggy for ‘Our family’ for things that are relevant for all of us.

Don’t worry, I still use my Personal space for things that I don’t need to share with the boys.

Like my waxing appointments and my veggie garden planting grid list. #OffLimits

Some egg-xamples

(Sorry team. Couldn’t resist the pun.)

Here’s some of the things we’ve put into our Eggy Spaces recently.

  • Paul – had a trial game for football so we put that into the calendar and into his ‘Footy’ category

  • Jake – had a big English assignment due for his senior school certificate so we put that into the calendar and into his ‘School’ category

  • Dave – got his new work roster so we put that into his ‘Work’ category

  • Me – well I just saw country music singer Kip Moore play a show in a cow paddock so I had that in the calendar and also saved the tickets in my ‘Fun stuff’ category

  • Billie - just had her shots at the vet last week so we put that in her "Health" category

  • Our family – we keep our Grocery List in the shared family space and have a weekly reminder set on it for every Wed morning. That’s the day I do the weekly shop so if anyone’s grocery needs aren’t in Eggy by then, it doesn’t make it into the trolley. Handball! Winning!

The dream team

Everyone’s different but these are just a few examples of the things that the Eggy app helps us with.

Being a big sports-mad family, we know what makes a good team.

And I can honestly say that Eggy makes our family work better as a team.

Which is awesome because it means I’m no longer the only one carrying the ball and doing all the tackles.

- Karina, Qld (mum of boys, user of Eggy)

You can open your Eggy app here

Proudly made by a team of fair dinkum Aussies 🧡