Never forget a birthday again with our ultimate birthday reminder app

31 July 2023 - 6 min read

There are a number of ways people currently keep track of their work colleague’s, special friend’s and loved one’s birthdays.  

Maybe it’s with Facebook.  

But be sure not to miss that notification that sometimes pops up…that’s if the person even has their birthday or correct birth date recorded at all.  

Perhaps you have a paper calendar or diary with all the important dates handwritten in and bolded, highlighted and have sweet little hearts doodled all around them.  

But don’t forget to look at that calendar daily or your diary at least a month in advance if you’re planning on organising a party or getting them a special gift.  

Also, be certain to set aside a bit of time at the start of each new year, to transfer all of those special dates over manually to your new calendar or diary.        

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach when we’ve been casually scrolling through Facebook or Instagram late at night, only to realise it was our workmate’s birthday that day.  

It’s so embarrassing when it finally dawns on you that you spent eight hours with someone and didn’t even acknowledge that it was their special day.  What makes it even worse is the fact that they always celebrate your birthday.  

Then take that feeling and multiply it by a gazillion, when you’re too late or forget altogether that your partner, parent, child or bestie had just completed another lap around the sun.     

We know how important it is to maintain good relationships with our tribe and the ‘ultimate birthday reminder app’ is just one of the many ways in which Eggy allows us to sustain those precious connections.    

Birthday Reminders and Notifications

Say goodbye to late night scramble sessions and frantic last minute shopping trips. 

Eggy offers notifications for birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions, so you always know what's coming up and when. 

These reminders are also customisable to your specific needs.  For example, a ‘Goodbye and Good Luck’ party for a valued colleague.  

One month before - giving you enough time to plan a fantastic surprise lunch for your workmate or order a ‘group’ gift online.  

One week before - to make the lunch booking for all of those who rsvp’d ‘yes’.  

One day before - to call into a store and purchase one of those ridiculously large cards for everyone to sign.  

One hour before - to remind you to grab the gift off the dining table before you head out the door.  

15 minutes before - to throw a few streamers and balloons around your colleague’s cubicle before they arrive for work that day.  

5 minutes before - place a steaming hot takeaway coffee on your colleague’s desk for the final time.

Depending on the Event or occasion, these reminders can also be placed on repeat - daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly or are customisable by you, the user.          

Syncable Calendars

One of the many features Eggy has on offer is its calendar.  

The calendar allows families, friends, colleagues and anyone else you choose to invite into your shared digital Space, to create and coordinate schedules in one location. 

This makes it super simple to keep track of everyone's commitments and ensures that key Events are not overlooked.  

This can also be an awesome tool for planning Events, organising gifts, keeping records, etc.    

Eggy also allows you to sync your Google, Outlook and Apple calendars with your personal Eggy calendar.  

Notes and Brainstorming

Have some gift ideas? 

Need to organise a venue for an Event?  

Want to keep a track of a guest list?  

All of this information can be kept in the one Space and shared with those who need to know.  

For example, simply create an Event in Eggy called ‘Charlotte’s Birthday’ for your 6 year old daughter.  

Set the day, date and time of the party. 

Set whatever reminders are helpful to you.  Paste the links to the various websites in the Notes section (eg. blue glitter roller skates, roller skating rink, etc).  

Tap on the picture icon and pop in a screenshot of the menu or of the birthday cake you’ve ordered.  

Hit the plus ‘+’ button and add in the names, and contact phone numbers, of the guests.  

Tick or delete the names off the list as the rsvp’s come in.  

Save in your Family Space.  

Share with your partner, your parents, anyone else who needs to know.   

Sharing Capabilities

If the Event has been shared with you or you share the Event with others, all participants can use the Comments section for any conversations that are required for the function.  

For example, keeping a track of any food intolerances/allergies when catering for the party.  Communicating a change of venue if the weather is not favourable.  Discussing gift ideas.    

Even after the streamers have come down, Eggy enables users to share photos/memories of the special Event.  

Why Eggy is Better than Previous Organisation Systems

Eggy is an all-in-one digital solution that's been specifically built to help families stay organised and connected.  

These are the benefits of Eggy when compared with previously favoured systems:

  •   Mobile Reminders and Records

While physical calendars are generally limited to one location and diaries are cumbersome to lug around, Eggy's mobile reminders can be accessed anywhere, anytime on your phone. 

And reminders can be customised to meet your personal needs.  

It's like putting your calendar, diary, corkboard, kitchen bench, filing cabinet and fridge in your pocket! 

  • In Real Time

Another positive is being able to plan things with friends in real time, while you’re all together.  

Gone are the days of ‘having to get back to’ someone…and then actually remembering to get back to someone!  

Why not take care of it all then and there?  

With a shared calendar, you can also see what the rest of your family has going on at that specific time so no more double booking.  

  • Improved Collaboration

Eggy's shared calendar keeps everyone in the loop and allows for better collaboration. 

This makes it easy to plan Events, coordinate activities and ensure that no one misses out on important occasions.

  • Easy to Use

You don't need to be a tech whiz to get up and running with our free app.  

It has been designed by a team of people with everyday struggles, just like you and me.  

Simply sign up and download.  

But if you find you need an extra hand or the thought of starting out is just too overwhelming, click the link for more info on what the Power Pack has to offer.  

Eggy - the Ultimate Reminder App

Our family life admin organiser app is designed to unscramble the complexities of day-to-day life and ensure that you never miss important Events, like birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries ever again.  It’s free to download, so you’ve got nothing to lose in having a go for yourself today.  

Proudly made by a team of fair dinkum Aussies 🧡