Queensland-based famtech startup experiences 100% growth in 2022 by solving a global problem

29 December 2022 - 4 min read

2022 has been a cracking year for Queensland-based tech startup Eggy, which experienced a doubling of its user base by solving a problem experienced by billions of families around the world – the relentless deluge of life admin.

It follows the industry nod that Eggy received earlier this year when they beat more than 300 other startups to win a place in the prestigious VC-backed startup accelerator, Startmate

Eggy founders, Dr Kate Morgan and Kirk Reynoldson, believe that the app’s growth has been a direct result of the increasing pressure facing struggling families who are looking for a better way to ‘do life’.

“As parents of three young kids and business owners ourselves, we have an intimate understanding of what busy families need. Little wins, like actually remembering to pay your car rego so you don’t cop a big fine, can really be the difference between a good day and a shocking one.”

“Eggy’s growth is purely a reflection of how much the problem of life admin is only getting worse,” Dr Morgan said.

This trend is backed up by respected startup authority Crunchbase which recently reported that in the US alone, more than $600 million of funding has been poured into famtech. That is, startups providing digital tools for overloaded families to better manage their households.

But this isn’t news to Eggy’s founders. In fact, the husband-and-wife duo have been responding to the call from desperate parents for some time now.

“We get users telling us every week how much they love Eggy and also asking us for more features,” said Mr Reynoldson.

“It’s great validation that we’re onto something and that Eggy is providing so much value to everyday people in their everyday lives.”

It’s that user feedback which has been critical to guiding Eggy’s product direction with a major release being officially launched in early 2023. 

“The bulk of life admin is typically carried by one person in a household but we also know that sharing that load makes for a much happier household. With our new Eggy Spaces feature, users will be able to have their communities, such as family, friends and other parents, helping to organise each other in dedicated ‘spaces’ in Eggy,” said Dr Morgan.

Early adopters are already getting on board to bring together important information which is relevant for groups of people into an ordered system.

“I’ve been using Eggy for a year now and this new Eggy Spaces feature is the best,” said working mother of two and self-proclaimed ‘superorganiser’, Alicia Millier.

“I’m the parent rep for my daughter’s prep class next year and I’ve already started to consolidate all the school info for myself and other parents in her class into an Eggy Space. The parents have their calendars populated with all the school events and important school documents categorised in Eggy, plus I enjoy doing it so it's a win-win.”

The company also had an internal win securing a key new hire in March with the appointment of experienced edtech leader Brent Lacey as Eggy’s Head of Product. 

“Getting Brent on board has been an absolute game-changer. With over 20 years of experience in tech, design and project management, Brent has 100% helped steer Eggy’s upward trajectory. Plus he’s a busy dad so he knows the pain too!” said Mr Reynoldson.

The company also notched up the ultimate product-market validation this year with the launch of Eggy Pro meaning they now have paying subscribers opting in to the premium version of the app.

But the year’s successes are not making the Eggy team rest on their laurels.

“The growth we’ve had to date is great, but there’s still so much more to do.”

The former NRL player and PhD-qualified scientist plan to take the Gold Coast-based company global next year.

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