Searching For The Best Shareable Family Calendar App?

25 November 2022 - 4 min read

Have you tried organising your day with a family calendar app before? If you're like us, you probably struggled to find one that gels. There are so many flashy calendar apps out there, but they either charge a fortune, are stuffed with adverts or quite simply don't work well as a shared family calendar….and that's the crucial bit. 

As a family, you're a team. You need to be on the same page if you're going to stay atop of the never-ending stream of tasks that being a parent throws at you.

As busy parents of three young children, we found the mental load of handling infinite daily tasks and chores unbearable. What's more, we realised that we weren't alone.

So, we went out searching for a solution that, unfortunately, didn't exist….so we decided to build one ourselves, and that is how we created Eggy. 

If you're searching for the best shared family calendar app, one that's synchronised, viewable, shareable and editable by the whole family and can make day-to-day life infinitely easier, then you can stop searching - you've found the one - Eggy!!!

The Benefits of Eggy as a Family Planning App

From the colourful to the corporate, there are many apps out there that profess to make daily planning simple. The problem is, there always seems to be a drawback. They're not suited to busy families, they're focused on career-oriented people, or they're suited for individuals.

Eggy is different. Eggy was built from the ground up to be a shared family calendar app, and it's already helping families to simplify their life admin as a team, all in one place, so they can get more out of their time and their life.

Don't believe us? Eggy has been featured by A Current Affair, ABC, Bond University, The Australian, and more. People are already seeing real, tangible benefits to using Eggy to organise their family unit.

So, what are some of those benefits? With Eggy, you can:

  • Consolidate life admin in a single app: Appointments, bills, dentist trips, doctor visits or even what groceries you're running short on - store everything in a single, shareable, list (or multiple lists!) both you and your partner/mother/friend etc. can see, so that you never forget a thing, all while avoiding taking up valuable real estate in your already-exhausted brain.

  • Receive reminders: Get notified when a key date is coming up. Never miss another important deadline. We created Eggy after getting stung with an $800 fine for missing the car rego. With the soaring cost of living - no one can afford that, so let’s make sure it doesn’t happen ever again. 

  • Get on the same page as each other: Tired of having conversations about what time the children finish their after-school activity, or trying to work out what you've forgotten on the shopping list? Synchronise schedules and lists so that both parents are always in the loop.

  • Categorise your tasks: Divide up your day, splitting groceries, health appointments, work tasks and anything else you need into their own separate categories. This way they can easily be assigned - you’re on groceries this week babe!

  • Manage and store files: Always losing track of important documentation in your email or around the house? With Eggy, you can store files and save them in your personal vault and assign different categories such as work, family, finance etc.

  • Synchronise your calendars: We're not saying that Eggy is a replacement for your existing apps either. With Eggy, you can synchronise your Google, Outlook or Apple calendars, putting all of your crucial appointments and tasks in a single, highly-visible place.

Getting started is simple, and we're sure that you'll see a real difference once you start getting organised with our shared family calendar app. With Eggy's Personal plan, you can start organising your time at zero cost on either iPhone or Android.

There are other grand plans in the pipeline too. Soon, you'll be able to create shared spaces for other people, including your trusted circle of friends or your colleagues - great for organising those Christmas get-togethers!

We're always looking at new ways to expand Eggy and to make your life admin even easier, so that you can finally reclaim your free time and give your overworked brain a much-needed rest.

Proudly made by a team of fair dinkum Aussies 🧡