This is where the Eggy story really started

7 August 2022 - 3 min read

When we talk about how Eggy started, it usually begins with the story about how as busy parents, we hated managing life admin and couldn't find a good solution to it.

But the Eggy story really started on Schoolies. In 1996. And a rented moped was the catalyst.

Let us explain...

When you think of Schoolies Week (that week when Australian high-school graduates let loose as they celebrate the end of their final exams), long-term relationships probably don't immediately come to mind.

But it was exactly the place where, over 25 years ago, we (Kate & Kirk, Eggy's founders) met.

Kirk and his mates had hired mopeds for the day, while Kate and her friends had the scooters booked for 4pm that same afternoon.

When 4.15pm hit and the scooters still hadn't been returned, Kate and her girl gang were starting to get a bit impatient.

Until a group of young Schoolies blokes from the bush rocked up to return them.

A few cheeky glances between the two crews and all was forgiven.

Kirk handed his scooter over to Kate (and probably said something along the lines of "Sorry mate. How ya goin' buddy? You all good?" ) but Kate had trouble getting the kick stand up.

Ever the feminist and never one to normally ask for help, Kate dropped her guard in the name of getting mobile (and perhaps getting Kirk's number - a landline of course).

Kirk the kind, dived in and used his muscly calf to kick that scooter stand off the ground so Kate could ride off into the Sunshine Coast sunset.

A bit of a car chase ensued soon after as we tried to track each other down.

Spoiler alter: it's pretty easy to spot a canary yellow 1984 Toyota Corolla (thank you Mr Sippel) whizzing along the strip between Maroochydore and Mooloolaba.

Also, Kirk thought Kate had a boyfriend so being "a man of principles" (hi Daryl Kerrigan), he initially tried to steer clear of her.

But once Toni Braxton's "I Get So High" came booming onto the dancefloor at Friday's that night (RIP Friday's) and the slowdancing began, it was game over.

We went on to get married, backpack around the world, get 3 degrees between us and have 3 beautiful kids.

There's lots more to this story and we'll share all the details in our upcoming podcast.

If you're keen to hear the more animated and entertaining version?!

Regardless, the moral of the story is that Schoolies Week can be the birthplace of long-term relationships and tech startups.

Just don't return the mopeds on time.

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