Wanting to know how to ‘family share’ apps? We've got you covered!

26 January 2023 - 6 min read

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to ‘family share’ apps then read on to find out our top tips to literally get on the same page as your partner, bestie or neighbour and make life run more efficiently! 

Firstly, ‘family share’ is the term we use here at Eggy when we talk about how families share information between them, to manage tasks amongst each other, and mark important dates in the calendar to ensure no birthdays or important bills are missed. What we do is provide families the tools they need to do this in a pain- free way, to ensure nothing is missed, and stress is reduced - think of us like the 2023 version of the bulletin board. 

In this article, we'll explore everything there is to know about family share apps like Eggy - what they are, how they work, and most importantly - how they can make your life easier!

The mental load, why it's a problem, and the best way to address it

The term 'mental load' describes the invisible, unpaid labour parents - but especially women - do to keep their households running. While the mental load is all the emotional and cognitive labour, the physical tasks are often tied to it. Cleaning, laundry, scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling appointments are all common examples. These responsibilities are often dismissed as regular chores, or the bare minimum to get things done, but can have a serious impact on your well-being if it all becomes too much.

Sharing the burden of the mental load with family share apps

The research shows that the mental load affects our health the most when it's handled alone. Think about it - an entire household's worth of responsibilities falling onto one person? That's disproportionate and unmanageable over the long term. The best way to ensure a healthy balance is by sharing the workload. That's where family sharing apps come in.

Family sharing apps are designed to centralise a household's communications, planning, scheduling, and to-do lists in one place. They come with functionalities that make it easy to assign tasks, track progress, and share workloads with family members. By leveraging technology, family sharing apps make it easier for you to reduce your own mental load and share the burden with others.

How Eggy Can Make Your Life Easier

Among the sea of productivity apps out there to share apps with family, Eggy stands in a league of its own. It's been specifically designed for the purpose of helping families coordinate and manage their daily tasks.

With Eggy, you can easily create a shared family calendar with everyone's appointments and activities, assign tasks to specific members of the family, get reminders for upcoming events, and even establish healthy chore routines. The app lets you bring in any member of your household to ensure everyone's on the same page at all times. It can be a real time, and life-saver, when it comes to staying on top of the ball and reducing your mental load.

Here are just a few ways families benefit from Eggy

Never miss a bill again

If there's anything certain about life, it's that bills and expenses don't stop. While staying on top of them all has traditionally meant endless mountains of envelopes, sticky notes and calendar scribbles, Eggy offers an alternative solution. Use the app's Finance section in your Eggy personal vault to screenshot and store your receipts, bills, and documents in one place. You can even take advantage of reminders to ensure you never miss a payment again.

Keep everyone in the loop

Are you still relying on verbal and written reminders to keep your family informed? Eggy is the perfect way to ensure everyone's in the loop. From school notices and holiday plans, to shopping lists or dinner menus - you can post it all to the app's shared family space. That way everyone's up to date on what needs to be done, where they need to be, and when.

Never double book an appointment again

With multiple schedules to keep track of, double booking appointments is a common issue. Eggy's shared calendar makes it easy for everyone in the family to stay in sync with one another. This can help you avoid double booking and make sure everyone's appointments are accounted for.

Ensure bags are always fully packed

How many times have you gotten the whole gang in the car and driven halfway to your destination, only to realise something has been forgotten at home? If you're like most parents, probably too many times to count! Luckily, whether the item in question is a violin or rugby jersey, a snack for the way there or a swimsuit for the beach, Eggy's reminders will help you make sure your bags are always properly packed.

Incentivise kids to do their chores

Chores are a necessary part of life, but getting kids to stick to it can be tricky. Eggy's centralised  platform makes it easy to establish healthy chore routines and incentivise kids with points for completing them. That can help encourage even the most reluctant members of the family to pitch in.

Plan get-togethers, parties, events, and more

Organising gatherings and events can be a real headache, especially when they involve multiple families. Eggy helps take the stress out of the equation by allowing you to create shared events and tasks. This makes it easy for everyone to stay informed and on top of their responsibilities when planning an event.

Always remember anniversaries and birthdays

There's nothing worse than forgetting a family member's birthday or anniversary. With Eggy, you can store all the important dates in one place, set reminders, and make sure you never miss a special occasion again.

Keep track of everyone's activities and appointments

Do you have kids who are constantly juggling multiple activities and appointments? Let Eggy take charge. With the app's shared calendar, you can keep track of everyone's activities and appointments in one place. It's the perfect way to ensure that no one ever misses a practice session or appointment again.

Eggy is the perfect platform to help families stay organised and connected, no matter how busy life gets. From bills and reminders, to planning events and ensuring kids stick to their chores, Eggy can help simplify even the most chaotic of lives. 

It's been designed by a busy family, for busy families; so your time can be better spent doing the things you love.

Try it out today and see how Eggy can help you get back to living life - not just surviving it.

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