What is life admin? A checklist to bring it all together.

11 June 2023 - 3 min read

Life admin is the “office work of life.”

It’s all the administrative things you have to do to keep your household ticking along.

But it’s also a job that you don’t get paid for.

Life admin can be a huge time suck.

One national survey revealed that most people spend six hours or more a week doing life admin.

Six hours! Every week! Gah!

Imagine what you’d do it you had those 6 hours back.

Or even a portion of them.

It’s not just the time that life admin takes up in your already time-poor life.

It’s the mental load it creates.

That heavy burden weighing on your brain.

That disorganised, swirling mess of unanswered questions keeping you up at night.

  • Where is that form?

  • What time is that appointment?

  • Do we need milk?

  • Am I on the best deal for my insurance?

  • What am I missing???

While the term ‘life admin’ itself may not be familiar to everyone.

You can guarantee that you’re doing it. And so is everyone else.

But life admin is such a broad term.

It can be a million different things to a million different people.

Some of the common life admin tasks include:

  • paying bills

  • managing finances

  • scheduling appointments

  • filing paperwork

  • running errands

  • completing forms

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So after hours of speaking with Eggy users.

And after doing hundreds of Eggy interviews.

And after reading all the articles and research.

We’ve put together a list.

A list of common life admin things.

“A list is great,” you say.

“But what purpose does this list serve me?” “How can I use this list?”

You can use this as a checklist.

To locate things you may be missing.

  • “Where are my car rego papers and when is my car rego due?”

To get an idea of how organised you are.

  • “Yikes. I only have a handle on about 5% of things on this list.”

To quantify how much ‘extra’ work you’re doing in your life without even realising it.

  • “No wonder I’m tired! I’m managing most of these things most weeks.”

To load things into your Eggy app, or whatever other system you’re using.

  • “If I can get just 5 of these into my Eggy app will let my brain breathe out.”

Or to see how much help you might need.

  • “I need an Eggy Angel to help get my system set up and get my stuff together.”

All these things are leading to one goal though:

  1. To help YOU stay afloat in the deluge that is daily life.

So here is the list.

What is life admin? A checklist to bring it all together.

And when you’re ready, we’re here to help.

With all of the things that life admin is to you.

An Eggy Angel will hold your hand, get you sorted and keep you accountable.

You'll get a life admin system set up.

And finally feel organized.

So you can focus on your priorities.

Including, to make your scrambled brain less scrambled with life admin.

Check out the Life Admin Deep Clean here.

Or email info@eggy.as at any time.

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