Hate life admin?
team eggy

Eggy is an app where anyone can easily manage their life admin

team eggy

Our Story

Drowning in life admin?
We were too.

And so were loads of others.
We couldn’t find a solution to the pain.
But then we had an idea.
We ran it past some tech friends.
They said
team eggy

And so Eggy was born.

team eggy

What is life admin?

Life admin is all the day-to-day stuff
we do to keep life ticking along.
Necessary? Yes.
hell no

Our Values

These are the things that drive
everything we do at Eggy…

team eggy


team eggy

A better life

team eggy

Making Magic

Our Family

From our co-founders to our team, our users to our investors,
we’re all here because we hate life admin
and want a life unscrambled.

team eggy
team eggy

Kirk Reynoldson Founder & Co-CEO

team eggy

Kate Morgan Founder & Co-CEO

team eggy

Kelvin Bulwinkel App Development Lead

team eggy

Rafael Düster Full Stack Software Engineer

team eggy

Yuris Cakranegara Mobile Application Developer

team eggy

Harry Burns Design Director

team eggy

Gerard Doyle Marketing Lead

team eggy

Daniel Grzelak Security Advisor

team eggy

Semin Nurkic Technical Advisor

team eggy

Peter Cassidy Product Advisor


We know life admin is painful.

So we're always going to have a free version of Eggy to help you manage your life admin.

Based on the feedback we've had from our users since we released Eggy last year, we're working on a version of Eggy that will provide even greater value to help busy people unscramble their lives.

Eggy Pro will be the premium version of the Eggy app coming in 2021.

We're working hard on building loads of awesome features and we're doing our best to ensure it provides maximum bang for buck.

Becoming an Eggy Pro user will also help to ensure Eggy's longevity and will help us continue the battle against the big scrambled mess of life admin.

And rest assured existing Eggy users, we're not just going to start charging you to use Eggy. You'll still be able to continue enjoying the features that Eggy provides and will continue to be able to access all your data as usual.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know info@eggy.com.au.

How secure is my information?

Everyone in Team Eggy has a family. We know that the safety and security of your family is more important than anything.

That’s why we’ve made security and privacy a priority.

All of Eggy’s tech lives in secure data centres and any files you upload to your Eggy account are encrypted.

We also work with professional security partners to make sure our systems are as secure as possible.

Better yet, you have complete control of your personal information. You can download or delete your data any time, and we won’t share it with anyone unless you tell us it’s okay.

Find out more in Eggy’s Privacy Policy and Security Centre.

A corgi smiling happily
A corgi smiling happily

Our Journey

Ride the ups and downs of our journey building Eggy, plus check out Eggy in the news.

Hate life admin? Doing your best in life? So are we.
Join the Eggy army for insights and updates, and to watch our journey unfold.