About us

About us

We were a busy mum & dad, drowning in life admin...

Kate and Kirk, drowning in life admin

We discovered loads of other people were too...

We couldn't find a solution, so we created Eggy.

"Life Unscrambled."

The Eggy founder family

Eggy's founders, Kirk and Kate, dreaming of sleep and coffee.

Team Eggy

We're giving it everything we've got to make life unscrambled.

Photo of Kate

Kate Morgan

Founder & Co-CEO

Photo of Kirk

Kirk Reynoldson

Founder & Co-CEO

Photo of Brent

Brent Lacey

Head of Product

Photo of Yuris

Yuris Cakranegara

Full Stack Software Engineer

Photo of Harry

Harry Burns

Design Director

Photo of Alana

Alana Lacey

Content Manager

Photo of Peter Bracken

Peter Bracken

CFO Advisor

Photo of Peter Cassidy

Peter Cassidy

Product Advisor (Stackla)

Photo of Daniel

Daniel Grzelak

Security Advisor (Atlassian)

Photo of Semin

Semin Nurkic

Tech Advisor (Spotify)

Our Values

These are the things that drive everything we do at Eggy.



People who love & support each other.


A better life

Making the daily grind a little bit easier.


Making magic

Doing something that's never been done.

Proudly made by a team of fair dinkum Aussies ๐Ÿงก