The work-life

divide is dead.

Eggy makes it easy for your team to access

what they need, when they need it.

Unscramble your deskless workforce & build a mobile app space for your business in 30 minutes.


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Give people all they need.

So they can give it everything they've got.

The employee in your team. You know that they're more than an employee.

They're a parent. A partner. A friend. A sibling. A person.

Work is a big part of their day. But they've got a lot of other stuff going on in their life.

You want to make impact in the world? You need to inspire your people.

Optimising your employees to make them better employees is long gone

For employees to focus on doing their best work, they need a system to optimise them as a whole.

Don't be their employer. Be their hero.

Make an impact on them so they can make an impact in their life.

Give them everything they need so they can give it everything they've got.

No more silos. Just one system.

Eggy Business. It's all they need.



One app to bring them all together

Your employees are suffering platform fatigue. Which means your existing worktech isn’t getting the love that it should. Centralise & surface the most important info into the one app for when your employees need it. So they can focus on more meaningful things than remembering another log in



Bring your comms out of the dark (ages)

Those emails & messages you’re sending, they’re buried in a wasteland of unimportant data, like expired discount deals. Bring your comms into the light and serve targeted notifications straight to the employees who need them. So they can know and do the thing right then and there.


Stay compliant, so we can all sleep well

Keeping your employees certifications & skills up to date is a nightmare and it exposes everyone to a lot of risk. Eggy keeps your teams certifications up to date & compliant, so you can roster with confidence. So everyone can sleep better at night.


Work life vs. home life?

Nah, it's all just 'life'.

Eggy started out as a way for busy families to organise, centralise and share all of life’s important info. We soon found that loads of people wanted their work life to live right alongside their home life. Now Eggy Business is bringing it - ALL life’s info in one place working for you.


Power your frontline workforce

Here’s just some of the industries where Eggy Business is lighting up deskless workers.



Health Care

Health Care





One system.

All the parts.

For every person.

Proudly made by a team of fair dinkum Aussies 🧡