Security Centre

Everyone in Team Eggy has a family. We know the safety and security of your family is more important than anything. That’s why we’ve made security and privacy a priority.


Daniel Grzelak is Eggy’s Security Advisor.


As a highly experienced, internationally recognised information security specialist, Daniel oversees Eggy’s security strategy. Daniel’s advice to the Eggy Team helps to ensure that Eggy’s security is optimised. Daniel is currently Head of Security at Atlassian – an Australian-based, global software giant.


Every full-time employee at Eggy has undergone a police check and a rigorous vetting process. All Eggy team members (i.e. employees, advisors, contractors and consultants), as well as any third-party suppliers, are bound by Eggy’s Information Security Policy.

Infrastructure & Systems

All of Eggy’s technology lives in secure data centres provided by AWS. Eggy follows best practice standards set by AWS. We also work with our professional security partners at Trend Micro to make sure Eggy’s systems are as secure as possible. This includes real-time threat monitoring and compliance audits.

All Eggy team members (i.e. employees, advisors, contractors and consultants) who have access to company systems and accounts must use two-factor authentication (2FA) via a registered device (authenticator applications) to add an additional layer of protection beyond passwords. Any Eggy team member who has not been active on a company account for 30 days has their access revoked.

Your Data

Any files that you upload to your Eggy account are encrypted. This means that files cannot be read or accessed by unauthorised users. Encryption keys are strictly managed in accordance with Eggy’s Information Security Policy.

Better yet, you have complete control of your personal information.


You can download or delete your data any time, and we won’t share it with anyone unless you tell us it’s okay.


If you believe you’ve discovered a potential security vulnerability within Eggy products and/or services we strongly encourage you to disclose it to us as quickly as possible and in a responsible manner according to Eggy’s Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.

If you have any questions about Eggy’s security, please contact us by emailing